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End of Days

by See Through Dresses

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released October 30, 2015

Tracks 1, 3, 4 written by Sara Bertuldo
Tracks 2, 5, 6 written by Mathew Carroll

Sara Bertuldo - vocals, guitars, bass, synths
Mathew Carroll - vocals, guitars, synths
Alex Kirts - bass
Nate Van Fleet - drums, percussion

Engineered by Mathew Carroll at Little Machine (Omaha, NE)
Mixed by Ben Brodin at ARC Studios (Omaha, NE)
Mastered by Mike Nolte at Eureka Mastering (Kansas City, MO)
Lacquer cut by Dave Eck at Lucky Lacquers (Middleton, WI)
Artwork by Max Stern & Alex Kirts



all rights reserved


See Through Dresses Omaha, Nebraska


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Track Name: Haircut
I don’t like to stand in line
For a ride that’s thirty seven seconds long
I don’t have a coupon
I don’t save enough for me to get out of here

I fell out from bone
And I became your girlfriend
Am I not a part of you?
You make me feel less

I can’t point the sun away
I can’t sleep when the night’s here anyway
I can’t pack my suitcase
I can’t sleep with Fuller because he’ll wet the bed

I could be in love with you if only you could keep your haircut
Track Name: Big on Brains
I was just an astronaut
Big on brains and bending space time
Until you showed me I was lonely
Losing light on Planet X
I don’t want to see you if I can’t feel you
You take it lightly

Heroes of yesterday
I will find you and I will destroy you

You could feed the dead in me
With failed songs from see through
But you don’t need to
You see right through me
Interstellar vampires
Followed me beyond the astral coast
And turned back slowly

A sign of life I will ignore
But I can’t believe my own constructions anymore
Track Name: Little Apple Rot
Don’t fall asleep, I’ll find us fun
This little apple rots
I feed you mine, we’re off to sulk
Pinch quarters off the sun

I walk in around a line
I don’t want to make a life

Oh, careful see, we’re not in love
I keep you to stay warm
You want the words I’ll never say
He won’t look like you
Track Name: Everyman
It’s more than love he shows for me
When he puts it through my door
If I don’t keep my room clean
I know he means well, but he treats me like a man

Wait ‘til your father gets, until your father gets
Wait 'til your father gets home

I can’t make up my mind
Which kind of ice cream I want
He gets mad at me if I take up all his time
He buys me things I want to make up for what he said
Track Name: End of Days
Look at father’s arms
How’d he get so strong
He had to lift us from the bottom of the sea
Don’t pick up the phone
I’ll check on him tonight
He’s always home
This is a call I cannot take

Mother, will you wake
The sun is out and now the pines they sway
In the early morning wind
I want to touch the sculptures you have made
I want to be the boy you drop safe at school
Oh, the end of days

Alex, you’re so kind
I know sometimes it’s hard being new
But not for you
You make me smile every day
Nate, I love to hear you every night keeping time
Please don’t leave me behind
Oh, the end of days

Sara, will you rest
Put aside your notebook for a while
Come to bed and talk with me
I’ll be here 'til the end
But I hope I don’t outlive
It would be too hard
I’ll never bring it up again
Oh, the end of days
Track Name: Drag Scene
If you leave and find a new drag scene
Will you see me, Clara, fallen at your feet
You never cared
You’d rather leave than suffer me
I never wanted you to be what you won’t be

Summer air
Can you feel it on your skin
I don’t want to drag you down
I just want to drag you out
Summer heat
It’s not right to keep it in
I don’t want to drag you down
I just want to drag you out

If you leave, find a new drag scene
If it’s what you want, no one has to see
My copper hair, your glossy teeth
I never wanted you to be what you won’t be

You don’t have to say goodbye
You don’t have to speak at all

Quiet boys have a way of saying things
That never touch you, never reach you
I never cared, I never wanted anything
I don't want to drag this out
I wouldn't want to drag you down

We could leave, find a new drag scene
If it’s what you want, no one has to see
So pin me up, Clara honey, paint me please
So much time now wasted all on me