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released July 14, 2017

All songs written by Mathew Carroll/Sara Bertuldo
Arranged by See Through Dresses

Sara Bertuldo - vocals, guitars, bass, synths
Mathew Carroll - vocals, guitars, synths
Robert Little - bass
Nate Van Fleet - drums, percussion

Recorded in early 2013 at Little Machine in Omaha, NE
Engineered by Mathew Carroll
Mixed by JJ Idt
Mastered by Mike Nolte at Eureka Mastering in Kansas City, MO
Album layout by Ryan Carroll & Alex Kirts



all rights reserved


See Through Dresses Omaha, Nebraska


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Track Name: Happy
I’m boring by myself, in any other form
All my plans derail, they dissolve then I am borne
Of a bittersweet disease to never know if she
If she’s really happy
Am I really happy

Thank god we’re here, I’m still here
We can’t afford to die, I can’t afford to die

She cheated by herself in every other room
I drew a bath for her, she said she’d be out soon
I can never tell if she is bored or happy
Is she bored or happy
Am I bored or happy
Track Name: You Get Sick Again
I have all the answers now
I made them up, I don’t know how
I grew up, but I miss my friends
And when I see you having fun
It makes me smile
But we never talk about anything

You get sick again
And then you die again
You get sick again
And I cry again

You make disasters sigh, you’re overrun
I don’t know why, I never knew
How much you cared, I never cared
How much you knew, I don’t like killing bugs
Or spending time with anyone except a girl
With whom I make the best mistakes
She’s all it takes

I think I’m having fun now
I think I’ve found a love now
I think I’m having fun now
I think I’ve found a job
Track Name: Johnny
If you want in on this game
You can’t win if I play

You said your favorite one
Chew me like a dinosaur
Everything that you once said
C’mon, baby, eat my friend

It’s 49531, but I’m not having any fun
Track Name: No Paris
It’s getting harder to pay
It’s getting harder to say
I can’t read you a plan we haven’t made
We have unusual names
We play the usual games
There’s always something insane about love
You know I would take you anywhere
They can’t be wrong, those eyes that pull you in
Those shadows long, I know you hate me

I never finish
I never start

I never sleep in a car if I can look at a coast
I don’t want to decide
What makes me miss you the most
I don’t need any rides, I have places to hide
I tend to wait for a chance
But all alone
Won’t you come to bed
Where we can hide from all of that
I know you blame me
Tonight your spite is all I have

We could go to the bar, spend the night in my car
I’ve got a feeling it’s wrong, but I don’t see it
I could make you a life if you have one to spare
I don’t know how to tell if you would need it
You know all my problems
You know all my strength
We could be so happy
If I could feel your touch just once
Track Name: Pink Noise
Seventeen, what’s inside you
On the edge, I want to descend
After you, who would love me anyway
Will you try

A simple word
You won’t say
Does it turn you off
Pull out, separate

Afternoons making plans with you
All to see you can’t feel anything
So you leave, you won’t love him anyway
You wouldn’t try

The way you cry
I will never know
How it feels to lose all hope
A single voice can make a noise so loud
It can lift you up just to put you down
You don’t have anyone
I give you me
I am someone else
You are me
Track Name: So Long, Charlie
You say you want a piece of me
But I ask you repeatedly, Am I the same as she was?
Every single accident out there
Any chance at happiness is rare
I won’t go looking

Boy, she loves me
All the same I like her
Girl, you look good
I’m afraid all my clothes are dirty

You don’t know how I keep you inside
There’s nothing else to do, but stay in love
There’s nothing else to do
I can’t say I have fun all the time
There’s nothing else to do, but stay in love
There’s nothing else to do

You say you want the best of me
But I guess you’ve already seen I’m not the same as she was
Every single accident out there
Any chance at happiness is rare
You won’t go looking
Track Name: Glass
Nostradamus, tel me
Write her name in verse
Will she return this year
To hold my hand, return me to my curse
Near the dead end sea
Where the gulls will pick me clean
I can hear her sickly voice
I give my flesh to eat

Near the killing fields, I lay me down to sleep
My body sick, my mind decayed
No one to hate but me
Come and find me, before I drown
Let it pull you in, let it drag you out

So dead in love, so tired of waiting
Take me away with you
Get lost in living
So dead in love, so tired of wasting time
I wish I could I wish I could I wish I could
But I’m always stuck behind the glass

You were right
Why should I care
Everyone I know is everyone I owe
If you come inside, we can talk all night
You could sing to me
I’ll hold you as we sleep
Track Name: Rainbow Jane
I thought I was someone good, someone you
Could wrap your arms around and feel, feel like two
The things they carved into my skin, the things they said
The things they shouted as they left, the things I dread

I’ve waited here for you in the dark
I built this fire to bring you home
For every misery you shot into my heart
I hope you never come at all

The sun is sickening, the clouds are new
And every hour I spend alone, I spend with you
I wanted every day to die and feel it, too
And if I lied about it, is it not true

I thought I was someone
I’m not anyone you know
Track Name: When Summer Ends
You and me are ordinary boys
I would suffer here so quietly
To drown this love inside of me
Is it ever real
Is it ever new
Is it ever you
Knocking on my window

In Tivoli, there’s a pond where we can sleep
You can stay if you let it be
A perfect day to believe in nothing
To see my life without you
A perfect day

I wanted you to see
I don’t want you to feel anything
When summer ends
No summer lies
When summer ends
We can’t decide
Is it best to walk away with just your name
When summer ends
Track Name: Red Cars
I’m trying to erase you from my quickly beating mind
The song is lost, the night is cold
There’s nothing here to find
You say I somehow owe you the music of falling towers
You waste every hour, why waste mine

Oh my girl, you’ve waited far too long
I’ve forgotten who you are
I never thought you’d be so happy to dissolve

It used to be so easy to picture you in white
To see the world in diamonds, to kiss you every night
Sometimes I still miss you, sometimes I still think
Tomorrow you’ll come home
I’ll be anywhere doing anything without you

Of all the things we lost in the fire
And the nights we stayed out late
Of all the youth I have forgotten
For you what can I make
Let the warmest nights surround you
And in the dark forget the day
We never saw this coming
But I’m so glad it came

In red cars I will drive you
Forever through the night